Thursday, May 3, 2007

Summer Craft Swap

The Crafty Daisies organized a summer craft swap wth approximatly 90 participants. The rules were simple - fill a flat rate USPS box with crafty summer items within 3 - 4 weeks for your swap partner. The participants needed to include at least one thing that they created. I received my box from Pasha Plum in Arizona. Check it out - fabric, japanese candy, note cards, pincushion, papers, ribbons, knitting wool, threads, notebooks, and the list goes on. Two things you should note are the origami lips made by Pasha's daughter (on top of the pincushion) and this recipe for Frankfurter Tiara Bake (from a custom made cook book). I am so lucky!

1 comment:

pasha said...

I so want to make that recipe, but I am loathe to spend the money on what would no doubt be wasted food. Ah well. Fun swap!