Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Miser Scarf

The Miser Scarf is something I made up when I went into my yarn stash last Thursday looking for something to do.
At the top of the pile was one spool of ribbon yarn. I thought it would be fun to make an updated miser purse. A miser purse looks like a binary star system with an pouch at each end joined by a tube. The tube was slit at each pouch so that the user could insert coins into the pouches. They came with rings that snuggled down on each pouch to keep the coins from falling out. To retrieve the coins you would need to move the ring up onto the joining tube then dig your fingers into the pouch to get the money. It was called a miser purse as it was tough to retrieve the coins as you could only get one coin out at a time. My updated miser purse is actually a long scarf with a pouch at each end. The rings were added on the top of each pouch and attached with a ribbon. The rings close and open an opening at the top of each pouch where the pouches flatten out in the scarf. Perfect for a night out to carry coins, cab fare and ID.

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