Tuesday, May 1, 2007

56 Days to Retirement

Yup.... 56 days until I leave JP Morgan Chase. After 27 years of service, 2 moves, 14 mergers and countless ups and downs I am finally taking a severance package and leaving. I feel conflicted about it but I really need some time off. My health sucks rght now and I need some time to concentrate on me. I also have a zillion projects to either complete or even to get started. My 'studio ' has become a dumping ground of unfullfilled dreams. Like the burmese silk I bought last year at the quilt festival for a summer outfit or the wool blend I bought three years ago for a jacket all sit in a pile with half completed quilts, orphan pattern pieces, wool bits for felting and an extra sewing maching or three. My first task is to get the bits and pieces organized then to complete the UFO's all intspersed with time sensitive projects like getting ready to teach at a local high school and several American Sewing Guild neighborhood groups.

I will take the summer off to work on me and my stuff then I will go job hunting as I cannot live on my savings or the severance package forever... besides I think by then I will be going nuts. Apparently there are bets out there on whether I will last more than a week ;-)

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