Monday, April 30, 2007

Summer Craft Swap

Today I finally finished everything for the Crafty Daisies Summer Craft Swap. I must admit that I had big plans but there really is many a slip between cup and lip. Things I did send are: a felted purse in three stranded Serenity yarn, a set of crocheted coasters from the Crochet Dude, an issue of Craft Magazine, a copy of Rip-it (a fun sewing book), water balloons, window painting markers, many beads, buttons and threads, a Texas slide tie, a wierd stretchy scarf from Friendze, a sun shaped pottery box and a lidded fabric box to hold it all. It all came to over five pounds but with the restriction of using a flat rate shipping box from USPS it only cost me $8.10 to get it to Tucson, Arizona by Priority Post. I didn't complete a magic card case (as shown in Quilting arts recently) or the embellished Flip Flops on my kitchen table and counldn't squeeze in the vintage quilt blocks and fabric I have in my stash. I hope my trading partner will be happy with it all. Can't wait to see what will come my way!

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