Sunday, May 20, 2007

37 Days and counting

Today makes it 37 days until I retire from JPMorgan Chase. As this is Sunday evening, I am accustomed to thinking about my meetings and/or travel for the next week, what needs to followed up on Monday from last week, what deadlines are coming this week and if I have enough clean clothes to make it through the week. Today I looked at my calendar on my PDA and it is clear of work related meetings, travel, assignments, follow-ups and deadlines. I don't even care if I have enough clean clothing for the week as I can always slip a load into my empty calendar.

When I got my notice back in April, that my job was being eliminated if I didn't move to Columbus Ohio, I was was told that for the next 4 weeks I was to consider myself fully employed and looking for another position. The next 4 weeks were to be considered, 'at home' time where I could continue to look for a job and I would be on call if needed without any day-to-day responsibilities. I will begin that second 4 week period at close of buiness this Friday. My UK colleagues call this period 'special garden time'. I like that phrase and I intend to follow that directive by spending my last 4 weeks attemping to get my garden into better shape. Special garden time... here I come!

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