Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vintage Button Swap

While cruising the web one evening a few weeks ago I came across a blog that had an nformal swap announcement. I don't seem to have saved the site or the e-mail address of the organizers but I wish I had as it was definitely a positive experience. I traded buttons with Jen in California. I sent her a bunch of buttons that primarily came from my grandmother's sewing box. They were mostly blue and I bet they came off of some of her many blue sweater sets that she seemed to have an inexhaustible supply. All of them were at least 37 years old as my grandmother has been gone that long.

Jen sent me twelve wonderful buttons, some glass, some purchased from French General and some that look like bakelite. In addition, she added a card of six pearlized buttons that look like someone bought them for a specific project but ended up using something else...the card is clipped at one of the button locations as though someone was preparing to remove them from the card but changed their mind.

This swap was great. The only problem is that I now feel guilty that I may not have sent comparable quality to Jen.

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