Monday, April 18, 2011

Better Than a Ribbon

One thing that happens at almost every Quilt Show that I have attended is that some items submitted get judged.  Judging has two purposes.  One is too acknowledge exceptional skill and ability demonstrated in the items submitted.  The other is for the makers to get a critique of their work.

Most people entering items to be judged have made their quilts specifically to be judged.  They have not been used, run through the washing machine several times, dragged around the house by Alex or, in the case of wearables, worn to several events.

When I make something it is usually for my own enjoyment or as a gift to a willing recipient.  Some how I got talked into submitting two items for judging this year.  One was the Origami Jacket ( which I have worn many, many times)

 and the other was a purse I made a couple of years ago.  

I also submitted one purse just to be displayed.

I didn't need a critique of my work as I am more than well aware of my skills and abilities and the critiques only reinforced that knowledge.  The thought of winning a ribbon for my work fed my ego and I was disappointed that I did not get how unexceptional my work.

Notice, I knew I did not deserve a ribbon but I really wanted one.    

Today, however, I got something better than a ribbon.

I took the purse I had entered for the judging to a doctor's appointment.  I used it because it was still on the kitchen table where it landed when I brought it home from the Quilt Show and I needed a purse to carry my book and knitting.

While waiting to be called back to see the doctor, another woman in the waiting room noticed my purse.  She told me how much she admired the shape, the choice of fabrics and generally made me feel pretty good about it.

We were both called back within moments of each other and, as I sat in the examining room glowing with her praise, I realized that her admiration of my work meant more than any judge's comments or ribbons. 

I contacted one of the nurses and had her deliver the purse to the other patient.  I hear she was most grateful and I hope she gets many years wear out of it.

After all, she had made my day with her kind comments when all I was going to do with it was store with my other purses.

Yup, definitely better than a ribbon.

Now I need to get my inflated ego back in check and try to create something for the next quilt show that is worthy not only of being judged but of actually winning a ribbon..... or maybe not!  

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Anonymous said...

that's a great story; good for you!