Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fat Quarter Challenge

The Fat Quarter Challenge for March was even harder to deal with than the February one.

In February it was to take a pretty bland fabric and use it into something hot.  I made a zipper bag with a little hot pink fabric flower.  (You can see it here.)

The March Challenge is even weirder.

The fabric looks like a representation of something that is grown in a petri dish.

Okay, so it is not so bad but the challenge was to use it in a project with the theme of Thanksgiving.


Little yellow flowers with green leaves and navy blue dots in a project for Thanksgiving?

I was at a loss as to what I could make for this challenge so I tried a little free association.

Thanksgiving, grateful, gathering, food, family, football, stress, headache.

Let's try again.

Thanksgiving, November, October, driving, family, sisters-in-law, know-it-alls, stress, headache.

Once more with feeling - 

Thanksgiving, holiday, merry making, family, friends, gathering, cooking, dirty dishes, stress, headache.

Dang!  Every time I tried to get to an inspiring word it always ended up in a headache.

What's a girl to do?

Well, this girl gathered her supplies....

 and made an aromatherapy headache remedy in the form of a lavender scented rice pillow.

The concept is to warm the pillow in the microwave for a minute or so, place it on your face and just breath deeply.

It really works!  I feel so much better now.

Want to make one for yourself that is similar to this one?

Basically I made two 6 1/2" dimensional  bow tie quilt blocks, joined them to make a 6" x 12" pillow with a separate muslin pillow inside stuffed lightly with rice and lavender buds.  I had originally intended to use lavender oil but buds seem like a better choice.  

Apparently there are several aromas that are good for headaches, either alone or in combination.  I prefer lavender but the others are : peppermint, sandalwood, eucalyptus and rosemary.

And, for those perfectionists, yes, I tried to insert piping into the seam and yes, I did a crappy job BUT I need some practice doing this so that when I get to my big pillow I will have some practice pieces behind me.

Happy St. Patrick's Day... especially to my buddy Suzy who is now the proud great-grandmother of a new little boy in the Patrick family. And no, they did not name him Patrick!


Anonymous said...

That turned out great!!!! What a great idea!!! j

Anonymous said...

Your project turned out better than mine & it's got some original thought to it. You go girl!