Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekend Work

Even though I don't work for a company any more the weekends still take on a special meaning for me.

Here are the things I should be doing this coming weekend:
  • clean up the backyard
  • move and trim the grass in the backyard
  • mop the downstairs floors
  • flip the cushions and vaccuum out the sofa
  • join others in creating quilts to be auctioned for M.D. Anderson
  • finish my Twisted Yarns socks
  • cook and bake meals for the coming week
  • make/finish three projects for charity events
What I will probably do:
  • Nap with the puppies
  • visit Sweet Sadie's for some BBQ
  • work on duplicating a purse a friend brought home from Florence
  • go to the soft opening of a new Cracker Barrel restaurant just down the street
I know I will accomplish the first item on this list, probably the second...not so sure about anything else.

Have a great weekend!

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