Monday, September 6, 2010

Really Bad Knitting

Actually not really bad knitting but a very bad knitted product.

It all began a month or so ago when someone gave me some yarn.

It was very pretty yarn.

There were two types - a black chenille one and a varigated blue fuzzy one.

I knitted them together on a pair of huge needles and ended up with a six foot long, ten inch wide piece of scarf wonderfulness.

I don't need any more scarves so I was going to send it to the Red Scarf Project.

Its not red but they will accept other colors these days.

Anyway, before I send something like this off in the mail I always give it a good wash.

Into the washing machine and dryer it went.

Here is how it came out:

 The varigated yarn was wool and it felted itself!

The black yarn was something fake and when the wool felted the black had no where to go so it became a bunch of uneven loops.

One other thing... it is now about three feet long and sixteen inches wide.

Lesson learned:

Know your yarn.


Never wash something in the washing machine when you do not know the fiber.

Another one for the trash heap or for the dogs. 

I wonder if Alex would have fun with it?  I better not find out as the house may end up full of little bits of yarn.

Have a good week!


Joanne said...

I bet you could trim the loops. The fulled wool part should keep the black yarn from coming apart.

It could be a table runner - just a thought.

Nice seeing you today!

Anonymous said...

Chenille looks lovely but after about 2 minutes what you knitit into starts forming loops like the cat got it or something. It has no stretch or yarn "memory". Don't know why they sell it!