Saturday, September 11, 2010


I recently upgraded my cable package to include HD channels.  The new cable box also has a DVR in it (who knew?) and I can get movies on demand.

With all this TV goodness I decided to explore On Demand movies this past week and I have decided that I have becaome a very shallow person.


Because the content of the movies is not as impressive as some of the clothing.

For example:

The Young Victoria - An Oscar winning movie about Queen Victoria's up-bringing and her eventual marriage to Prince Albert.  The story is great but the clothes are wondrous.  I would almost give my soul for the beautiful night clothes and underwear and the silk gowns took my breath away.

Bright Star - The story of a young fashionista in love with John Keats.  This time the garments are part of the story and they are wondrous.  All of them were constructed by hand and match the styles and techniques of the day. 

Coco Before Chanel - Yes, the clothing is part of the story but watching her actually work the fabric and the designs is an education in itself.  The film is mostly in French so don't try knitting a sock while trying to read the subtitles.  The story of her rise from an orphan to a leading light in the world of fashion is fascinating.

Valentino - Yes, the clothing is part of the story but the creative process is fascinating to watch.  I was entranced as he added ruffles to a beautiful pleated gown.  If you ar interested in Valentino and his story, this is a must see documentary.

So, yes, I am shallow, but with this kind of eye candy available to a fashion junky who can blame me?

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