Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alex's Perfect Morning

Alex's perfect morning began the night before when The Girls went with Paul for a sleep over.

Not that Alex doesn't like The Girls or Paul but it meant that he could sleep with me that night and wake up the next morning on his own terms.

If he wanted to get up early or late, it was his choce.

He chose to get up late, at about 7:30 am, rather than the 6:00 am or earlier wake-up time that The Girls and I like,

After a leisurely stroll through the back yard and a quick nutrition break he went for a walk with me.

It was a beautful morning... not too hot... not too cold.... and I intended that we would take the long route for our walk.

As we proceeded down the street I noticed a large green garbage bag in the middle of the road.

I immeadiatley thought that it contained human body parts while Alex (I think) saw it as a new source of food.

We trotted up to it, Alex peed on it and  he discovered that it did not contain something edible.

No body parts either, thank heaven, so I moved it off the road onto a vacant piece of grass.

He was happy and I was very relieved (or should that be vise versa?).

Then we turned the corner and before us was the most magnificent sight to behold.

Somebody, probably another dog, had left a HUGE rawhide bone on the side of the road.

Alex's eyes almost bugged out of his skull when he took it's pristine form into his mouth.

From then on all I could do was try to keep up as he power walked home.

When I un-harnassed him he immeadiately took his new prize to the backyard
 to bury it and he spent the next two hours guarding it from all bone thieves.

He eventualy realized that I had found it so he dug it up again and hid it upstairs in a bin of netting that I had out by the sewing machine.

There it stayed until The Girls came home today when he pulled it from the netting and has been searching for a new hiding place ever since.

It was a perfect morning for Alex.

A reastful night, good food, a new thing to pee on and, miracles of miracles, a rawhide bone the size on Kansas just waiting for him on the side of the road.

If only we could experience the joy that he had in finding a new treat.

I think I better start looking at the $1.00 a yard bin at the fabric store for the perfect raw silk I have been needing.

 I can only hope that some of Alex's good fortune will rub off on me!

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