Friday, April 23, 2010

The Knitter's Book of Yarn

I tend to be someone who likes to know the technical details behind whatever I am doing.  When it comes to knitting I like to know the whys for a procedure as well as the hows.

For instance, to knit means, to me, to pull the loop toward me while to purl means to push it away from me.  For others its all about front loops and back loops which is incomprehensible to me.
While browsing through the new Kingwood Branch library I found the Knitter's Book of Yarn and I have fallen in love with it.

Every other book for knitters seems to concentrate on the weight of the yarn....fingering, worsted, chunky etc.  and gives you ideas on how to use these weights of yarn in different projects.

This book  concentrates on how the yarn is made, the number of plys and how the construction of the yarn itelf makes it suitable for different projects.

For instance, a single ply yarn can be any weight from lace to chunky but is unsuitable for projects that will get a lot of wear and tear as it is relatively fragile.  More plys means more strength.

Imagine light bulbs going off every where.

Success in a project is not only dependent on the skill of the knitter but on the weight and number of plys of the yarn.

I have only sampled the contents but I am already intrigued and can't wait to get my own copy.

I see that the author has another book just on wool.  I am sure that it as fascinating as her first book and I intend to get my order into Amazon as soon as possible.

If you would like to sample the Book of Yarn and you live in Kingwood, I will be returning it to the library this weekend so it should be available to you on Monday.

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