Friday, March 12, 2010

All That Glitters

Today was a day that truly glittered. The weather was beautiful... a little chilly in the breeze but bright and shiny otherwise.

I had a doctor's apointment (no biggie) but I found out that my weight was within three pounds of where a personal trainer many years ago said my weight should be... and I haven't even been trying to get to that weight... how good is that? I guess eating less and moving more really does work.

Got in some good comversation at knitting. No knitting but lots of talk.

The afternoon featured working on a quilt block with a bunch of folk from the Cut Ups Bee of the KAQG.

This is a group I normally would not join but since it meets in the Elmgrove Community Room, a location I encouraged and for which I hold the keys, I attend and I'm gad I do.

This was their second meeting. The first one is where I worked on the hearts table runner. This time we made a block from the quilt called 'All That Glitters' by the Nickel Quilt people.

The block is made up of four sub-units which are star blocks.

Here's how mine turned out.

I am just showing you the parts that worked as of the four sub-units/star blocks, three turned out as required while the fourth block turned out completely wacky. I even sewed it twice and it still turned out wrong!

I am contemplating adding a piece of applique that would cover up the messy bits. On the other hand it could be a good idea to leave it as it is to remind me of another lesson in reading and following all instructions.

The block is set in two borders and now measures about 30" square. Not sure how I'll quilt it but simple quiltingsounds good to me!

BTW that cute umbrella fabric was a gift from a special lady at Christmas time. Doesn't it look great with that pale yellow?

I am now looking forward to a weekend of sunshine, yard work, quilting and some fun learning how to make fabric flower pins from scraps. Maybe they will look great with the chemo caps we made the other evening?

I hope you have good things planned for your weekend as well!

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