Monday, January 25, 2010

I Thought I Was Safe.....

from fabric lust, at least for a few months.

After all I picked up about 25 yards at the latest fabric sale I attended and a dear friend gave me another ten yards of fabulous cottons for Christmas.

How could I possibly want more fabric?

Then I saw a post in about a new line of fabric being sponsored by the Victoria and Albert Museum. The first collection, produced by Liberty Art Fabrics for the museum, are based on fabrics in a quilt made in 1829 to celebrate Wellington's victory at Vittoria.

If you are interested, and I know I am, you can pre-order the fabrics at the V and A Shop for $5.64 (approx.) a fat quarter . Yardage is also available.

I will now struggle to keep my credit card in the wallet.

I don't need more fabric.

I don't need more fabric.

I really don't need more fabric.

Where's that website again?