Friday, October 9, 2009

Make Pom Poms Not War

In a way that seems dinstinctly Brit, there is an organization out there that is making Pom Poms as a statement of peace, love and harmony. After the pom poms are made they will be gathered together and made into one big pom pom. From the organization's manifesto:

Pom Pom International promotes peace and understanding across the world through pom pom making. Transform colourful yarn into a symbol of harmony and innocence!

I love this project. It is just silly enough that it could change the world.

This weekend, while you are hunkering down under the covers trying to avoid turning on the heat, grab some bits of yarn and make a pom pom for peace. Instructions and more information on this project are here.

I wonder if the our newly minted winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and his family would participate if he knew about this project?

Thanks, Selvedge, for reporting on this project.

PS. Apologies for not posting more frequently recently. It seems that helping with Sweet Sadie's has been taking up most of my litle grey cells these days with anything left over devoted to Alex and the Girls. I hope to get back on an even keel soon.

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