Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Nobel Peace Prize - 2009

Caution: This is a personal rant that you may not want to read.

After hearing and reading many wonderful and ugly comments on the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, I would like to give my perspective.

I think that the awarding of this prize to the President of the United States only acknowledges that my country can be the greatest source of peace in the world. The individual accomplishments of one man are nothing compared to that simple fact. This America of mine makes choices every day to make war or make peace. In most cases, we try to make peace.

We feed the hungry, rebuild devastated areas, offer care to the ill, school the ignorant and other acts of a peaceful nature, both at home and abroad, every day.

On other days we have made war but, in those cases, I believe, we try to do it so that peace will be the outcome. I will not apologize for entering the Second World War and, quite frankly, I would like to see the men who approved the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center caught.

I don't believe that this country is full of war-mongering idiots, just people who want to live lives with clothes on their backs, food on the table, a roof over their heads and friends and family to share it with... just like most of the rest of the world.

The crazies who don't, are the ones we all need to keep under control. Instead of promoting education, crazies throw acid in the faces of young girls trying to go to school. I, personally, want those kinds of crazies controlled in any way possible.

I will never win a Nobel Peace Prize, nor will I ever be nominated for one. However, I can try to be the best peace promoting person I can be with the time that I have.

About 30 years ago, on Rosh Hashanah, there was an ad in the New York Times, that I believe illustrates President Obama's call to action. As I remember it, the piece concluded with: (apologies to the unknown author)

God created the world in seven days.
It is now up to us continue His act of creation.
Clothe the naked, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, school the ignorant, befriend the lonely.
Now is the time.
Wherever you are is the place.

All I can say is that I will try.

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