Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloweiner 2009

Twice a year Dachshund Rescue of Houston (DROH) has a fund raiser. In the fall its the Halloweiner event. This year it was was held at Meadow Lake Pet Resort down in Pearland and I think they raised about $10,000.00 for the cause, most of it from a one family but still a good amount when the need is so large.

I do not do elaborate costumes for Alex and the Girls because, after the first few minutes of hilarity, they really do look pretty stupid. I do little ruffled collars as their costumes/dress-up outfits with coats for cold weather. Here's what they wore this year:

Alex would not pose without showing off his equipment in the most uncute manner. Here's a shot of how some of the other critters and their owners were dressed.

This guy was most appropriately dressed and amused many of us by climbing up the walls of his cage in his effforts to get out.

Most of the day was spent untangling leashes:

Note the new harnesses for Alex and the Girls. One of the reasons I went to this event was to purchase new harnesses for them from a woman who donates all of the proceeds to DROH. I ended up with an extra small for Kelis, a small for Alex and a medium for Kimora. These are incredibly well made and I can't blieve how inexpensive they were to buy. Check out the DROH website for ordering information. I also gave her all my doggie themed fabric to help defray some of her expenses. I didn't realise how much I had and I know she can make good use of it.

The saddest thing all day was one little guy who had to wear a stuffed lobster that kept falling off of him. He was a real charmer and bore it well. His owner won a squeaky stuffed toy and walked around with it completely ignoring the little lobster boy's efforts to get her attention so he could have the toy. He didn't bark or whine or cause a scene just sat and stared longingly at the toy.

I finally took piy on him and let his owner know what was going on and asked her to let him have the toy. She did and he was in squeaky toy heaven as we left.

Have a great week. I will get back to sewing posts soon!

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