Thursday, September 24, 2009

Perfect Sock Knitting Kit

I am still enjoying knitting socks, just not at the same frentic pace as earlier this year and I think I have the perfect little travel kit put together for hassle free sock knitting. Here's a shot of all the bits and pieces:

and a list of what is pictured:

  • sock yarn (and the first half of the pair you are working on)
  • two sizes of double-pointed needles - one in use and one extra (0's and 1's in my case)
  • long skinny crochet hook (for ugly repairs)
  • waste yarn (just in case)
  • a Knit Kit (includes a tape measure, scissors, stitch markers, row counters etc.)
  • yarn needle (I keep mine in the Knit Kit)
  • a photocopy of the pattern (so I don't destroy my original pattern)
  • a pen (or pencil)
  • sock needle holders (as shown here)
  • a CPAP mask travel case to hold it all

A CPAP mask travel case? People with Sleep Apnea use machines to help them sleep peacefully through the night. These machines come with a mask and a travel case is usually included. The incomparable Ms. J. discovered that her travel case was perfect for holding small knitting projects and gave me one that she no longer needed. I use it for my sock knitting and it is the perfect size.

Here is my latest sock project all tucked up and ready to go.

One last thing every sock knitting kit needs is a little bling to hang off the zipper pull. In my case its a bookmark knitted by one of the knitting kids at the school last year. Knitted book marks are one of the very first projects we give the kids and this one was given to me by one of them.

If you have a knitter on your Christmas list for this year you can put together a little sock knitting kit like this for them with little or no cost from found or excess materials in your own stash. Just find that friend wth Sleep Apnea and ask for an old travel bag and add:

  • sock yarn
  • double pointed needle
  • tape measure
  • scissors
  • stitch markers
  • row counter
  • pen/pencil
  • copy of your favorite free sock pattern
  • crochet hook
  • yarn needle
  • CPAP mask case
  • bling for the zipper pull
  • sock needle holder (sold in pairs so you can give away the extra one from your order)

Put a bow on it and you have a wonderful present for a knitting buddy.

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