Monday, September 21, 2009

For Mature Ladies Only

When I drive back and forth between home and Sweet Sadie's, I take a back road that runs behind one of the airport runways and the Houston Police Academy.

It is not a well maintained or well travelled road and seems, many times, only travelled by dump trucks and people like me taking a short cut.

Anyway, today as I was taking this weird little road I came upon a sight that almost took my breath away... about twenty, young, tanned, well-muscled, young, male, police recruits in tight shorts and dark glasses were stopped on the airport side of the fence beside their bicycles taking a water break.

I couldn't stop and watch or take a photo but I did slow down... a lot.

I think don't think Homeland Security would understand why a middle-aged woman would want to sit at the end of a runway of one the busiest airports in the country just to enjoy all that masculine beauty ... but I so wanted just to sit and watch.

Now let's get our minds out of the gutter and get back to the serious business of our real lives and welcome Autumn back into our lives.


heather fish said...

Oh, that's it! I've been wanting to try Sweet Sadie's... I'm making a road trip your way and having you show me the secret back road there! Because, good food and good views... what is not to love about that??!! Next time though, I beg you... take a picture so we all can enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Please take pictures next time!!! j

tracy garrison said...

Wow! The next time that happens, you should whip out your phone camera and take a few shots! That would DEFINITELY be worth posting :-) We ALL need a little "eye candy ;-).