Friday, June 26, 2009

Soldier Hat

The charity knit-in last week week included two projects... a stuffed bear and a hat for our soldiers over seas. I completed the hat and here it is on my unconventional hat stand (Grandma's crystal vase).
This was an easy knit and I put the instructions n a post from last week. The yarn I used was by the Queensland Collection of Rustic Wools. I used one skein and a bit of another one. Today, while I was at Twisted Yarns, I picked up another skein so I can complete another hat.

The best part about this pattern and project, is that the hats are not meant for out in the field but for use while in camp during the cold weather coming up. Hats for wearing in the field are like the traditonal balaklava and require a little bit more skill than this basic hat as well as specific yarns.

On another note ...

Today was supposed to be the day that a new roof went on the house. I got a call last night that the roof would not happen until Tuesday of next week due to ordering issues. That meant that I had the day completely free... so after our informal knitting club lesson on sock knitting the beautiful Ms. E. and I headed out to the Hen House and Twisted Yarns for yarn buyng and a lunch at the The Strake House. It was funny that we met up with our other knitting buddy at Twisted Yarns, purely by accident and got the low down on newly reduced yarns. I did not make it home until about 4:00 pm. I came home with several skeins for more socks and had a thoroughly enjoyable time.

A so much better day than enduring roof rip off and nail down.

Have a great weekend. I am going to a class on how to read Japanese knitting patterns ... which tend to be in chart form rather than the narrative style of patterns I typically use. Should be fun and a wonderful way to pick up some knitting esoterica.

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