Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rainy Day Play

As you may have heard, Houston has been inundated with rain the past few days. Apparently we entered the month of April with a four inch rain deficit. So far in April we have had over TEN inches of rain. This has meant alot of time in the house waiting for th water levels to go down on the roads. My neighborhood has been fine but Alex and the Girls really, really hate going out in the rain. So much so, that when I am not sewing and watching old movies I am patroling the house for their indiscreet deposits.

It started pouring rain last night and fnally stopped late this afternoon. To keep myself amused, I completed a new project rather than complete the stack of UFOs calling to me from my cutting table.

The Knitting Club at Humble Middle School has finally received a large batch of new knitting needles and the carton of needles and other supplies was getting a little disorganized. I brought it all home last week and spent most of the day today making various containers for them. Here's what I came up with:
All in all I made a zippered pouch for miscellaneous supplies, a roll of pockets for crochet hooks, one for about 10 pairs of short length needles, another one for the medium length needles, one for double pointed needles and one for circular needles. I ran out of ideas for a case for the tons of long needles that have been donated to us and for the large size donated crochet hooks. I hope you noted the cheesy hand lettered labels on the packets. When I thought up this project I wanted to embroider the labels like I did for my own cases but the big machine is in the shop I made do with a Sharpie.
Where ever you are please do not pray for rain... even if you are in a drought area. I know, that with Houston's luck, the rain will miss you and come directly to our water logged bayous.
Have a dry week!

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