Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Toy

It seems that everytime I get a new toy I make a new case/cover for it. When it comes to electronics it is important that they get extra protection from the inevitable bumps and bangs they take in the course of an ordinary day. I used some of the fabric left over from the latest schlep bag project to make this case:
front side with velcro flap:
back side with a pocket for a little bit of money and a driver's license:
interior showing the velcro closure and a lining of silk, backed with fusible interfacing:
The protection for the new toy is headliner fabric, made for cars but really a nice firm thin foam. I like the idea that protection can be had for my new toy without spending a fortune and that it looks like a sleek clutch bag.

The new toy, you ask? Well, that's a Kindle from Amazon. Pretty sharp looking isn't it?

My darling son bought it for me and, so far, I am loving it. It works wirelessly everywhere without messy WEP keys and sign-in protocals. You can even browse the Internet wherever you want. I am getting the leading articles from the local paper on a daily basis. The one thing about the daily articles I have found is that sports stories are the largest number of stories when compared to all the other categories such as world news or local and state stories. As an example, today there were 32 sports stories loaded while the total of the front page, national, world, Texas and Houston related stories was only 31. I guess that just confirms that this is a big sports town even with the economy tanking.

I wonder if Alex will start trying to bury it in the yard like he does when my camera is in its case? I'll keep you posted on that one.


Joanne said...
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Joanne said...

Can you really browse the internet? I want a kindle, too, but I thought you could only search amazon and wikipedia.