Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ETA Dallas continues

I finally finished up the T-shirt jacket I started in Dallas. I decided that I really don't like embellished garments... or rather I am hesitant to embellish garments for fear of making something disgusting. Instead of using silk screens to embellish the T-shirt jacket, all I did was draw some circles with Crayola Slick Sticks on the blue side and left the rest of the jacket alone. Here's a bit of a shot of how it looks now:

For those of us in warmer climates, this is just the right garment to throw on when you are running in and out of stores all day doing errands. It also covers the upper arm area that many of us don't wish to show-off but we still want the fredom of bare arms between public appearances. I think this is the perfect summer garment and I am looking forward to trying out some other color combinations.

BTW - though you can't see it in the crummy picture, I offset the lime green collar just above the blue side as a bit of added color. I think I should have done it on all the edges but didn't think of it until it was too late.

PS - the picture is pretty crummy because when I saw the pictures I took of the jacket on my dress form I realised it looked kind of obscene so I trimmed most if away.

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