Thursday, January 15, 2009


At the meeting, last Saturday, of the ASG Houston downtown nieghborhood group, someone brought in a sleeve board to give away. A sleeve board is a wierd little two sided ironing board for pressing the seam allowances of skinny things... like sleeves. I have always wanted one and even picked up one at a garage sale that some one had converted into a shelf. I never got a cover for it and it has sat in the garage through two moves. The best part about this board is that it is made out of wood with a thin cover. Wood is great for ironing as the steam from your iron is held in the wood making for a crip press. Here is the one I picked up for free:
As you can see the cover has seen better days. Frankly it was a little gross and the layer of batting under the cover was even worse. Today I replaced the batting and made new covers for each side of the board. Here is how it came out:
I still need to do a little tweaking of the fit but I love this fabric that I used previously to recover a secretary's chair. Now that I have recovered this little gem I now will need to recover the small wooden ironing board I use on top of my big cuting board when I am too lazy to move the cutting board off the big ironing board. That may use up all of my stash of this yardage and I will miss it. If I still have some left I intend to make a tote for my travel iron.

The next few days should be pretty mellow around here so I may actually get something done. Here's hoping!

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