Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So Long 2008...

and good ridddance to you!

2008 was a crappy year in many ways for me.

Most of the year seemed to center on my Father's deteriorating health, and his eventual death in September. Since then I seem to be spending a lot of time focusing on his estate. Although I thought I was well prepared for all of the issues surrounding his care I was really just figuring it all out when he passed away. I try to forget about his weird mood swings and infantile behavior but it is hard to remember the articulate and loving Father he could be. I am also trying to forget all the unhappy stories I have heard over the last year from my brothers and others. I really do miss talking to him about the stock market or the latest proclamations from the Roman Catholic Church. Those were lively discussions and we agreed to disagree on many issues.

Financially, 2008 really ended on a down note. It's kind of scary when I hear that my retirement savings will be earning 4.5% in 2009 only because that is the lowest rate allowed in the retirement plan. When 4.5% is considered an excellent rate and money market accounts run at about 1.0% I really begin to wonder if the magic of compound interest will ever come back.

Creatively 2008 also sucked. I tried a lot of new things but I find myself going back to tried and true when I am asked to teach at an ASG group meeting. Maybe its because I have been using my stash more than in the past but I really think that I was too distracted to really spend time on learning anything new.

2008 was also a lousy year for Alex. His battering back in April has left permanent scars on his body and on his temperment. He continues to be hyper-alert when we are out for our walks. We still can't walk past where he was attacked without him tugging to go back home. Carefree wacky walks will return with more time but I'm getting a little tired of the power walks home.

There were some high points but they seem hard to quantify right now. One thing about being a gloomy gus is that I have started to work on my 2009 New Year Resolutions. 2008's were, generally, to eat less, move more and complete UFO's. I did complete about 15 UFOs (including the Doggie Quuilt from last time) and I am still lighter than this time last year but I think I need to work on other things next year.

Until I figure it out, have a great end of year celebration. The pack and I will be celebrating with some BIG doggie cookies and a lovely bottle of wine.

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heather fish said...

May 2009 be a much better year for you!