Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Middle School Knitting - Update

As you may remember, I volunteered recently to help out at a local middle school with their knitting club. We meet twice a week for just over an hour each time and I have been having a blast. There is a core group of about 5 and a seemingly endless supply of those that show up for only a time or two. Here are some photos of the kids at work:

Today was our last meeting until after the holidays and I made up seven little knitting cases for the core group. Each of the core group got a a needle/project case, a pair of needles, a yarn needle, kid friendly scissors and some stitch markers. I asked each of them to choose a project to work on during the holidays and that if they completed them, I would give them a scissor charm. Here are the cases:
These just took two fat quarters each and some ribbon. What a quick great gift idea for your kntting friends! I know a wanna be knitter who will be getting one in a few days as encouragment to continue to learn to knit. With all I have learned about teaching knitting over the past few weeks, I may actually be able to help her out. I can only hope!
One sour note occured today that is still bugging me. One of the boys is a truly excellent knitter. He learned in grade school and every week comes and works on his scarf (our first project). I couldn't figure out why such an enthusiatic knitter wasn't getting further along. Today it was revealed that his father won't let him knit at home. I don't know the reason and can only speculate on the father's parentling skills but I would like to meet this guy and give him a piece of my mind. His A+ student son who is handsome, witty, creative and incredibly verbose is forbidden from doing something he loves. What a jerk!!!!!
Now I better finish my own project that I began when the club began before we get back together in January or I won't get a scissor charm!

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mamalife said...

So wonderful! And that irritates me about the father also. He probably thinks knitting is not a "manly" enough thing for his son to do...