Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry-Go-Round - complete

I finally finished the Merry Go Round Quilt that I started a few weeks ago at an impromptu piecing class. I think it came out well despite a ton of design issues discussed a couple of days ago. Here it is in all its glory:
Some of the patterns seem to have gotten washed out in the picture so in reality there is quite a bit more color.

The longest dimension, through the middle, is about 48 inches which is the exact size of my dining room table. It just fits but I really should have made it a tad bigger so there would be some drop over the edges of the table. Of course that is impossible as I barely have a square inch of fabric left! A couple of notes on the finishing: I quilted the top to the batting then I added the backing by joining it to the front of the quilt then turning the whole thing right side out. This solved a couple of issues for me. I avoided binding all those wonky edges and, for once, I do not have a wrinkled back. Both are bonuses in my mind.

That's it I'm done... no more christmas themed sewing. For the rest of the year I am gong on a finishing binge. Last year it worked well for me. I ended the year with about half a dozen things off my to do pile whch was more satisfying than going on a diet.

I hope you're close to the finish line for your own holiday sewing. Stay tuned for some finishing fun!

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mamalife said...

Very nice - I really like that!!!