Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I have a dilemma I am struggling with today. I am a semi-active member of four different neighborhood groups within the local Houston Chapter of the American Sewing Guild. As part of our holiday cheer we gather around a potluck meal and then we trade gifts. The gifts are modest and the stealing that goes on during these swaps can get hilarious. In general I shop in my stash for appropriate items like unusual fabric or excess notions or trims. That has worked out well and my gifts have been stolen a lot.

Here is my dilemma. With all the great sales going on right now I have picked up a couple of super notions. I really don't NEED them so I have wrapped them up for the gift swaps BUT I WANT them.

Does this happen to you? You shop for others and end up envyng what you are giving away? Am I a truly bad person for yearning for these gifts?

My solution is slightly wishy-washy.

I am keeping a couple of them and giving away a couple.

I still envy what I am giving away but my notions supply has increased as well.

Win - Win or Lose - Lose.... Such is life!

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mamalife said...

Oh, that is SO totally me!!!