Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Little Thing

A while ago I saw a cute little sling bag where one handle is longer than the other. It is carried by the longer handle slipped through the shorter handle and the whole thing slung over a shoulder or wrist. I got a link from the Junie Moon site for a small, wristlet size version that uses only two fat quarters. I had a couple of fat quarters of fabric that were begging to be used and this is what I came up with:

I love the idea of a bag called 'Japanese Knot Bag' made up in purely Texas themed fabrics. Its completely reversible, only twelve inches tall with a circular bottom about the size of an everyday bread and butter plate. The pattern and instructions I started with are posted here. I did not interface the fabric at all but I did add a layer of Timtex to the circular bottom for some extra durability. I also changed the way the handles were completed so I didn't need to do any hand sewing. The technique I used is from the 'Five Fat Quarter Shopping Bag' instructions I posted here. I would like to make another one but in a size where the bottom is about the size of a dinner plate but I haven't figured out the proportions yet so this will take a little more thought.

I see myself using this when I am out and about and need a little more with me than can fit in the pockets of my shorts. But this bag is also perfect for using at the ASG conference later this year. At one point during the proceedings, there is an awards banquet and each chapter tends to wear or display some sort of locally themed item. Most of the group going from Houston will probably be wearing their Texas pride on a wonderful garment. I think I can make do with this little handbag.

I hope your weekend is going well. My big sewing machine died so I am hauling out my old straight stitch machine. I think the problem is the one Brother has with a lot of their product...a power supply issue. Both of my other Brothers have had their power supplies replaced at least once each. Fortunately these replacements have been at no cost to me so I am not afraid of a big repair bill. I just want it back soonest because I have some embroidering I want to do.

Since I had to go back to where I purchased it (about 50 miles away), a friend and I had a mini shop hop today. I picked up a lot of little goodies at the three shops we visited but didn't spend a lot of money. It was very, very nice to spend a stress free day in the company of an avid sewer who is also an incredible quilter. I hope we get a chance to do it again. It was even nicer for me as she did all the driving as I am trying to recover from a nasty cold. Thanks!
The only sour note on the day was that I forgot to remove a silk pre-made purse from a dye bath I started it in last night. Its been sitting in dye for almost 24 hours and I am not confident that it will survive that long in dyes from 15 years ago. I hope it will be dried and set by the morning at which point I'll post the results. Here's hoping it will turn out all right or at least accepteble.


mamalife said...

I like that a lot!! Let me know when you figure out the larger dimensions, I'd also love to make a larger one!

mamalife said...

I cut one of these out today... what seam allowances did you use? That part is not included in the instructions and not using the right one will obviously affect if the bottom "fits" correctly... I'm guessing 1/4" ? Thanks!

Alice said...

mamalife - I used a quarter inch (give or take a little) and top stitched all the edges for extra insurance.

mamalife said...

Thanks Alice!

Paula said...

Great sewing projects.
Your blog is great!
Makes me want to pull out a quilt I started years ago!
I love your Texas bag too!