Thursday, April 17, 2008

Alex Update

Alex is not only naked today but all his stitches were removed yesterday. He even had a bath this morning to get rid of some of the bandage residue and clean up around some of his still drippy drain holes. He is very active now for very short periods. Its like he's a wind-up toy - barking at the door, playing with toys and dancing for treats then all of a sudden he just collapses and sleeps for a few hours.

About that collar business - a friend suggested I try to rig up something from an old t-shirt. That sparked a memory of a t-shirt I had bought one of the girls and I have been trying that on him for the past couple of nights. It doesn't stay on all night but it gets him over the initial licking when he is trying to get to sleep so it seems to be working as a limiter on his licking. I did put the big plastic collar on him while I was out for about five hours yesterday. When I came back he had removed the collar by, I think, pushing it over his head. By doing this he reopened the drain hole on his neck. Fortunately that was before I took him to the vet so they could get a good look at the damage ... nothing serious just very ugly.

It looks like he is well on the way to recovery. He will be on antibiotics for about another week and, I hope, that by the time he finishes them most of his wounds will be much less visible and his fur will have grown back.

This weekend is a fund raiser for his rescue group. He and the girls will be meeting there and I will bring them home with us. I am making them big goofy floral ruffs as their costumes in homage to the beach party theme.

I will definitely post pictures!

Have a great weekend!

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