Sunday, March 16, 2008

Skinny Jeans

When I grew 39" hips back in eigth grade, I immeadiately became a size 14 for pants and shorts if I wanted my hips to fit into them. My weight was anorexic at the time so waists were always loose but the hips fit. Ove the last 40 plus years I have gone up a couple of sizes to an 18 in pants and I was okay with that as long as no-one took a picture of me from the side when my 'growth spurt' would be entirely too obvious.

Over the past year I have dropped about 20 pounds (eat less, move more) and all of my pants have been hanging off me . It had gotten so bad that I did not have to un-button or un-zip my jeans when taking them off at night. A couple of months ago I purchased a couple of pairs of jeans that were a size 16. I thought they were a good fit (especially after a couple of hot water washes) until I realized that I had to wear a belt pulled tightly to keep them on during the day. This is totally unacceptable so the other day I went and purchased a couple of size 14 jeans.

Yahoo! They fit my hips BUT they are still falling off. Why you may ask are these teeny tiny jeans falling off my husky body? THEY HAVE NO WAIST! They are the newish lower rise style and the waist band is about 2 - 3 inches below my natural waist. Where before I depended on my hips to hold up my pants with a smaller waistband, the new style have a waist band the same size as my hips. I think I going to have ask an expert (read someone much younger) on how I can keep my jeans up.

I don't think my body is ready for this newer style womens jeans. Summer's almost here when jeans wearing will be verboten. I wonder if I will have the same trouble with shorts?

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mamalife said...

Like you, I am too old for these young styles - I don't like the low-rise pants. But I do like the ones that fall just below the waist - Dockers does some of these styles and they usually seem to fit me nicely. Congrats on the weight loss! I have 20 I'd like to get rid of but my new desk job, my love of food, and my lack of time/motivation for exercise seem to get in the way - blegh!