Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I love Sunday. Although I do not attend religious services on a any regular basis, I do practice the biblical injunction to rest on the seventh day. So, on Sunday, I tend to rest. I also see my son on many Sundays. This past Sunday was no different than many others. The only difference was that I took a few pictures.
Here is one of my son, Paul and his girlfriend ,Sandy. Its not the best picture of him as he is in the middle of telling me that he doesn't show his teeth when he smiles. I guess I wasted a lot on money on the dentist as he was growing up!
Its also fun to play with the dogs on Sunday. Here is Alex getting some help showing off his very big ears. Alex is on Paul's lap and has fought for space there with Kelis and Kimora, Paul's dogs. For some reason when Paul is in the house all three dogs forget that I exist and compete for his attention continuously. I find it relaxing as, when I have them with me all week, I get this kind of competitive behavior a lot of the time.
While Paul is here I usually put him to work. This time he installed a couple of light fixtures I bought to replace the builder's grade junk that had been in front hall. In my walks around the neighborhood I see many instances where the owners have continued to use the lights the builder installed when the homes were built about 20 years ago. How can they stand it! On the other hand, I have been here about five years and I only switched out the original lights this week. Pot calling the kettle black?
What Sunday is primarily for is napping. Here are Kimora, Kelis and Sandy taking advantage of the time when Paul was installing the lights. This may look posed but they really were napping.
Now that I have retired, Sundays have become even more relaxing. I still plan my week on Sunday but the sense of urgency is not the same. I hope all your Sundays are as relaxing as mine was on this past Sunday.

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mamalife said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday... and what a good looking couple your son and his girlfriend are!