Monday, June 4, 2007

Movies, Movies, Movies

Each summer I join Netflix due to the complete lack of originality on summer TV. Also, as the summer heats up (highs for this week will be in the 90's) I spend a lot of time doung hand work so 3 or 4 new movies very few days is good for keeping me looking up every few minutes so my eyes don't get glued to my rpojects. Any way, three movies I saw this weekend were Queen, Venus and Letters from Iwo Jimo.
Queen was excellent for giving me some insight into the days after Diana's death. Although I am completely in awe of the Queen I knew very little about many of her roles and responsibilities as a head of state with very little power but lots of tradition behind the office. Helen Mirren was superb . I especially enjoyed watching the characterization of Tony Blair as he is stepping down from office the day after I retre from the Bank.
Venus starred my favorite actor from my teenage years - Peter O'Toole. It was odd to see Lawrence of Arabia as an aged actor , interested in women but unable to do much about it. It took a while to get into the story line but it became completely engaging so that I was sad to se it end. A quiet movie with great characters that I began to really care about.

Letters from Iwo Jimo is a movie that that I generally don't like to watch. It was 98% in Japanese so the whole thing is subtitled. It was a completely different perspective on the battle and the human stories, as revealed in the letters home and the interactions of the characters on the screen, were fascinating. This is not a war movie per se and I recommend it for an afternoon when you can concentrate on the action and subtitles.
As mentioned yesterday, here are some photos I think you might enjoy.
This is the apron from Hable construction on my dress form. I've read more about this company since the other day. The compay is run by two Texas sisters who relocated to NYC and use the name of the defunct family construction business for their interior decorating business. An interesting aside is that the package with the apron was sent by a British textile magazin mailed from France but was probably made in New England... go figure.

And here is an unusual picture of the little prince himself ... sleeping on the couch after a hard day following me around and getting into trouble. Note the classy zebra striped bedding.

Here is another a few moments later ... he must be thinking I am nuts to be flashing lights all around when he is trying to sleep.

On a purely seflish note, I received the tea towel from my tea towel swap partner. This is the fourth swap I have been in and the first time I can truly say that I am completely disappointed in what I received. I spent most of a Saturday embroidering the towel I sent to receive a mostly polyester one with a piece of purple craft ribbon and three buttons on it. The ribbon was poorly sewn and looks unwashable. I must be a bad person to be so dissappointed. Its either that or I'm pretty down about my voice taking so long to come back. Its probably the latter as I get up every morning expecting to be back to normal and it just isn't. Maybe tomorrow....

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Bristolcare said...

Out of your 3 movies I have only seen Queen. I thought it was very well done but doubt Prince Philip was played fairly, at least I hope he is not the ass the movie made him out to be!

What a darling little dog you have.