Sunday, June 3, 2007

23 Days to Retirement

It just struck me that I'm down to just over 3 weeks until my last day at the Bank. Although I thought the last 4 weeks would be spent in the garden I must admit that my frst week in Garden Time has not included a lot of gardening. Paul came by this afternoon to drop off his dogs for babysitting. At the same time he also finished cutting the grass in the backyard. My reel mower is so quiet that I fell asleep while he was doing the cutting - not something you can do with the roar of a lawn mower just outside your window. I just woke up a few minutes ago to find that the grass was cut and he was gone. All three dogs had taken up positions in the dining room window watching for him to return. Sorry to disappoint them.:-)

And now I've disappointed myself as I intended to post some pictures today of things I mentioned previously but I can't seem to find the camera to download the pictures. Rats! Maybe tomorrow. Have a good week.

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Bristolcare said...

How nice to wake from a nap and have your lawn cut. If my son happens by when I am doing the lawn, he may offer to start the mower for me..LOL