Friday, May 18, 2007

May Sampler

I have a horrible cold and, when combined with three very active dander ridden dogs, I am not feeling the best. As you can imagine, getting something in the mail, besides bills and advertising flyers, is a nice surprise. Yesterday I got my monthly mailing from the Home of the Sampler. Essentially, on a monthly basis, the home of the sampler, mails to subscribers a whole bunch of things from indie crafters. Its part advertising for the crafters and part a package of goodies for the subcribers. In this sampler I received several greeting cards including one, very elegant , with the greeting Douche Bag, on the front. In addition there was a simple necklace of stones on a black string, a couple of magnets, several neat buttons, a music CD, a luggage tag, a very cute octopus applique and a whole bunch of special offers. I originally started getting these to look for program ideas for the ASG neighborhood groups but I have kept subscribing because it is fun. Check out the site at this link

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