Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Long Night

I can't believe how long a night can be when you have a new dog in the house. I tried to put everyone to bed in the master bathroom at about 10:00 PM. The girls know the routine and went rgiht to their bed and quilt. I made up a bed for Lance in the vanity cut out and put one of his toys in it. He was having none of it and once I closed the door we started to whine and yip and generally carry on for about an hour and a half. I finally let them all out and they came onto the couch to watch the end of Waking the Dead with me. I then tried the bed routine again... no luck. I finally let the girls sleep on my bed and tried to get Lance to join them. He would have none of it. He barked every time the air conditioning came on for about 10 minutes each time. He decided the foot stool at the end of the bed was an okay place to sleep and finally settled down at about 1:00 AM. I finally fell asleep and woke at 2:30 AM to go to the bathroom. I found him sleeping on the decorative pillows from the bed. Of course, my going to the bathroom was a big hit and it took another 15 minutes for him to settle again.

He appears to be used to relatively rough play and the girls are not. There has been some growling and fleeing going on. He also does not seem to be used to free access to the outdoors and while the girls will spend many hours outside during the day, he seems more used to indoor play. Every time I put him out he is back in a few minutes. He doesn't even chase the squirrels. Its early yet so things might change. He is feeling more comfortable in his explorations and he knows that I mean it when I say no. I hope everyone sleeps well tonight or I will be very, very grumpy tomorrow.

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