Thursday, June 27, 2013

Triangle Bag

Somewhere out there there is a leather handbag, lined with an exterior pocket and magnetic closure.  It is a great looking but simple bag and is produced by Maison Martin Mergiela. 

Go take a look at it here, I'll wait for you.

Fast forward several months, maybe years, and a sewer got a hold of the design and simplified it.  They produced a stunned looking canvas bag with a leather handle made out of cotton canvas.  It is not as fancy as the original bag but it is doable by the home sewer looking for a unique accessory.  A tutorial was produced and I had to try it.  My results were not as elegant but satisfactory.  I have used it a lot as a knitting bag and I am happy with that use. 

Here is the tutorial I used.

Then the other day, I saw, on Mark Lapinski's Facebook page, that someone else had come up with another tutorial for this bag...this time called the Origami Tote Bag.  it is a great tutorial but it essentially repeats the original one that I had used. The fancier tutorial is here and it inspired me to try this bag again.

Here is my latest effort:

It is looking a little bulky because I stuffed it with a quilt I just finished.

The fabric is heavy weight cotton, (almost canvas but not) that I purchased on a bolt from Danny Nyguyen's fabirc sale last week.  I like the polka dots and the heftiness of the fabric.  Doesn't it just cry out for some Zentangling or other little drawings in the circles?  I already have another bag that I color, when I remember to take markers with me, on long appointments so this a natural for me.

My bag turned out to hang about 22", about 15" across at the bottom and I boxed the bottom so it is about 4" deep.  I don't think that matches exactly the original bag but it's pretty darn close..

BUT I so would like one of the original bags just to have and use...and to figure out how they do the exterior zippered pocket and the actual sizes.

That will be for another day.

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