Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hop Around Houston

Hop Around Houston is a shop hop around the vendor area of the International Quilt Festival.  It works just like a regular shop travel from specific shop to specific shop and purchase a little kit at each booth for a different quilt block using a standard set of fabrics.  Where I wrote shop substitute booth and you get the idea.  For several years I always  did the festival shop hop and I have completed a few of the quilts.  

Many years ago I did the shop hop, purchased a finishing kit from somebody, made all the blocks and quietly hid it away.

Yup, for some unknown reason I hid away a quilt top that was almost complete.

What was I thinking?

I have no idea what I was thinking but when it surfaced a couple of weeks ago, from a box of books to be discarded, I came across the pieces and decided to finish the year off with a completed UFO.

Yesterday I completed the quilt and here's what it looks like:

I like some of the blocks and others not so much...a danger with this kind of quilt making.  I had lost the instructions for the finishing kit so I finished it up on a wing and a prayer.  Some of the blocks did not exactly fit with the other blocks so I had to make some adjustments by adding additional borders and, in a couple of cases, I actually resewed the block to get it to the right size.

I like the size of about 68" x 88" as it is perfect for one human and two dachshunds cuddling on a lazy afternoon of mystery novel reading.  And, as Paul had absconded with a couple of quilts earlier this season, I needed to replenish my stock of cuddle quilts. 

Finishing off the year with a completed UFO is definitely a good thing.

Now on to working on my New Year's resolutions...or not!


delia hornbook said...

Wow Alice your quilt is beautiful ;-)) Happy new year to you, dee x

Jeckab said...

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