Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cheshire Cat Hand Warmer

While browsing the books at Jo-Ann's a couple of weeks ago I came across a book called 'Everything Alice'.  I picked it up, assuming it would be a book of patternless clothing (a la the Bog Coat), simple cooking (like donut pudding) and dachshund joy.

Imagine my surprise when I found it was a book based on Alice in Wonderland, a book I used to hate because of people calling me Alice In Wonderland when I was a child.

Hannah Read-Baldry and Christine Leech have created a book of over 50 projects to sew, glue, cut and bake in this delightful book subtitled 'The Wonderland Book of Makes and Bakes'.

To make it even better, the first project I saw when I cracked the cover was the Cheshire Cat Hand Warmer....the perfect project for someone who tries to get her dachshund companion to provide warming for her hands when the RA acts up.  Alex's butt may be the perfect size but he rarely will stay still long enough for any therapeutic effect.  A hand warmer is the perfect solution..

Here is the project as shown in the book:

Here is my simplified rendition:

Here is it being used by one achy hand:

Other projects I want to try are the Sugar and Spice Comfits, Lavender Cookies, Fabric covered Tea Pots and... well, just about everything!

For the Alice in Wonderland lovers out there and me.


Joanne said...

Of course I love the kitty. What did you stuff it with?

Alice said...

It's stuffed with about a cup of uncooked rice and a couple of pinches of lavender.