Friday, August 12, 2011

Lace #2

I decided to try another lace project because the first one proved I really don't know how to count stitches.  If you don't remember that effort, check here.

For  my second try I decided to use a pattern that someone had copied for me.  It's called a Larch Scarf and looked slightly lacy without becoming dreary.  The pattern is here along with the notes by the designer.

The notes by the designer proved to be incredibly important for a lace newbie like myself as they included some very important information.  If you not a knitter you can skip this part but for the knitters out there the notes included such vital information as the symbol chart and that the whole scarf is in garter stitch.  These two pieces of information, if they had been in the pattern, may have resulted in a better looking scarf for me.

However, I think it looks pretty good and, at 52"wide and 22" deep, it will make a nice little triangular scarf to tuck around my neck when it gets a little cooler here.

The yarn used is called Stroll from the online retailer Knit Picks.  It's a super wash wool blend and the color I used was Queen Anne.  I originally got this yarn in a kit from Knit Picks for six different pairs of socks with cable detailing.  I never made one pair from the pattern book but i will be using the yarn for non-cable socks and, maybe, more lace knitting adventures.

As always, there were lessons learned (again!) in doing this project.

  • Free/self-published patterns have not been vetted by a bunch of testers.  Not that retail patterns are always better (see the errata for 100 One Skein Wonders as an example) but the pattern I used could have had better documentation and less gushing over the pattern.
  • I really can't count stitches without lots of markers.  My final count was about 30 though only about 25 made it back into my box of stitch markers.
  • A more solid looking color did give better results however 476 yards of yarn do not give you a shawl, just a scarf.
  • Cable needles are a blessing and a curse.  They make large projects like this easier to work but my cable never really relaxed enough for it to be pliable.  I have heard that if you soak them in some warm water before casting on you can soften up the nylon cables but I will need to try it before endorsing that method.
Alex and Kelis were so excited that I had finished this project that they wanted to join in the fun of photographing it in my front yard....without their leashes!

Fat chance guys!     

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