Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Walker Bags

I have successfully made many wheel chair bags and the recipients have been very pleased with them.

However, I am always asked for bags for walkers and today was the day to bite the bullet and devise a walker bag that is durable, easy to make and usable.  I have been hesitant to make walker bags because the walkers come in so many sizes but I think I have come up with a basic style that should work with all walkers available.

The basic bag follows the same directions as for the wheel chair bag here.  There are two major differences.  One is that the handles need to be able to be tied, velcroed or buttoned to the walker.  The other difference is that I bagged the bottom of the bag as you would do for a tote bag (see here for one method of bagging the bottom of a tote).

More details:

Body and pocket - 16" x 14" - 3  of upholstery weight fabric or 5 of quilting cotton type fabric
Ties - 12"  - 4 of 3/4" webbing (what I used) or 4 of other fabrics 4" wide

Final size, excluding handles - 15" wide, 12" tall and 4" deep

Here is my sample - 

I hope to get someone to test out the usability of this style of walker bag before we put it into production in a couple of weeks.  If they like it, I will produce more complete instructions and post them here.

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