Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday Strippers 06/25/2011

Today was the June 2011 edition of the Saturday Strippers and what a wild time we had.

Okay, that's a slight exaggeration but I think everyone enjoyed themselves and we did solve all the troubles in the world...maybe not world peace and the elimination of hunger but other issues just as important to us like bathing suit shyness, the benefits of exercise for some friends, how to get a charity project completed without a lot of support and the issues around parenting older children.

The quilt for this month was the cover quilt on 'Scrap Basket Sensations' and was worked on by four of us.  

Here are a couple of examples of what the block/quilt will look like when it is done:

I did work on the blocks but mine were packed up and in the car by the time I took pictures of everything.

Besides four people working on the selected project one of us made a quilt for her four year-old great-grandson.

Someone else made about 25 flannel baby blankets for the local charity hospital:

Two others did not sew at all.  One worked on cutting out wheel chair bags (she got twenty 'kits' all ready to sew) and the other worked on getting all her cut pieces in order to sew later.

Our final pair, a grandfather and grand daughter combo got a little sewing done and wowed us with grandfather's thread guide invention made from an old soda bottle and some PVC piping.  I expect to see it soon offered for sale on Etsy!

Next month we are going to have a UFO day to finish up these quilts as none of us got enough done today to actually produce a quilt top.  If you are local to me, please come visit us on the fourth Saturday of the month for an afternoon of sewing relaxation.  We may not solve your problems but you may come away with a project completed and who can argue with that.  


heather fish said...

LOL - you make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

What is the date in July & where will it be? I'd like to join your group 'cause they sound so nice.
jean chebret

alice said...

Jean - send me your e-mail address and I'll get you the details. anjoae at msn dot com