Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fat Quarter Challenge

Its that time of the month when the Fat Quarter Club meets to see what everyone has done with the challenge distributed the previous month.

The challenge from May was to take a lovely, delicate paisley fat quarter and turn it into something rodeo/cowboy themed.

Again, I knew what I was going to do with it.  I have some fabric with 50's style Pin-up Cowgirls on it.  I was going to make one or more little wall hangings using this paisley as a border for these naughty ladies.

Other people came up with an embellished cowboy hat, a BBQ apron, a baby quilt, a picture frame (for a square dancing photo) and a couple of other projects that could be twisted to relate to the theme of the month.

Two days before the meeting this morning I went looking for the focus fabric and this is what I came up with:


Where is the wall hanging?  Where are the girls?  How does a bucket relate to cowboys and rodeos?

Here was my twisted's a feed bucket for carrying feed to the horses or for the horses to eat out of when putting on the feed bag... get it ?

So it's a bit of a stretch but I passed the challenge and ended up winning a packet of charm squares.

One thing I did learn (these is always a lesson in there somewhere), I really like to make containers... purses, bags, totes, pockets, boxes, baskets and buckets.  Even if I do not have an immediate use for this bucket, I know I will keep it around to remind me of this revelation.

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