Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alex's New Duds

A couple of times a year Alex needs a new walking harness.  Not because he has grown out of his old walking harness but because the current harness has gotten extremely soiled or worn.  His last harness actually started to disintegrate so I knew I would need to get him a new one soon.

The other evening, after our evening walk, the D-ring that is used to attach the leash to the harness actually ripped off of the harness and gave him a few moments of freedom.

No more procrastinating, a new harness would be needed before morning.

Was I prepared to make a new harness that evening?  Not really.  I had the hardware from the old harness but I really wanted fabric to match his new collar from a few weeks earlier.  Even with a few (hundred!) yards of fabric in the stash none of it met my expectations.

In the end I used some African curtain fabric leftover from a wheel chair quilt I made up a couple of months ago.

Here is how it came out:

He looks all decked for a formal party in the 70's!

Note the really dry ground and almost no green around Alex in the picture. It is so dry here that the landscape is getting very stressed.  The browning of the grass  is not a big deal to me....we can always grow more grass... but the trees and bushes are beginning to feel the stress.  A couple of days ago this happened:

Its not the first or the last time that a tree has cracked but, with the ground covers drying up and the trees falling down, I wonder when an errant sun beam will hit a stray piece of glass and the whole area begins to burn.

Time for another rain dance!  

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Charlotte Griffin said...

Very clever use of fabric and creative sewingskills - I enoyed seeing your creation and I hope Alex enjoys his new made with love harness