Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fat Quarter Club - May 2011

My house might be in chaos but I am getting projects done and out the door... out the door and into the trunk of my car to be delivered.

The May challenge for the Fat Quarter Club at the Quilt Room in Huffman was to take a lovely cream fabric with brown and blue hearts on it and make something masculine.

Hearts?  Masculine?  What were they thinking?

I had already decided that I would make something that took more than a fat quarter this month as I have lots of little projects around here and really don't need any more.

Without any agonizing this time I decided that I would make a wheel chair quilt for the local VA hospital.

I added about five more fat quarters, some Kona brown and a brown zippered pocket to come up with this:

Not how I thought it would turn out but I think its a nice little quilt.  At 36" x 42" its just the right size to cover a lap and not get caught in the wheels and the little zippered pocket adds some extra utility to it....but maybe I should have put the pocket on the back or in not so sharp a contrast fabric??? 

I used about three yards of fabric and, although it is more unisex than masculine, I think it will fit the challenge this month.

As I write this it is a cloudy, muggy day in Kingwood Texas.  We haven't had more than a quarter inch of rain in one day since January this year so all of us are crossing our fingers that these clouds will bring some rain.  Heck, I even performed my personal rain dance yesterday and had the car washed!

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