Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mabel's Fleece Hat

Friday afternoon three intrepid sewers and one gallent cutter gathered at the Elmgrove Community Room and made fleece chemo caps.

What a great time we had with an abundance of great food and overflowing creativity.

The basic hat is simple:

Cut your fleece at 22" x 13" with the 22" side being the stretchy side.  13" is the maximum height but it can be cut down to as little as 9".

Sew up the 13" sides for the back of the cap.

Sew one end of the resulting tube as the top of the cap.

You are done!

The creativity comes into play when you decide what else to do with your cap.  Bunny ears, fringed top knots, boxed corners and mountainous peaks were all tried and worked!

Here is a shot of Mabel with her hats waiting to get loaded into my car for the trip to a local chemotherapy group:

And an aerial view of the same group:

Even people who sew once in a blue moon seem to have been suckered into buying fleece at one stage of their life or another.   Take it out today and make some of these easy caps.

Your stash will thank you and all those benefitting from your largese will be gratful of a soft cap for their hairless heads.

Don't know where to take them when you are done?  Call your doctor's office and ask the staff for the location of the chemotherpy group they use or ask a friend who has had cancer where they went and take them there. 

Thank you to Janetta, Susie and Liz for joining me in this project and to Sweet Sadie's for providing the turkey and cranberry sauce.

Have a creative weekend!

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