Monday, October 18, 2010

Sock Club #4

I finally finished the August Sock Club project two dys after it was due.


I have not been late with the past projects and, in fact, have been early enough that I have been able to make two pairs of socks from each pattern

This one was so different because there were a ton of cables that needed to be worked. in this project.

The kids at the Woodcreek Middle School Knitting club figured out that there are about 200 cable stitches on each leg.  I figured out that both socks included a total of precisely 846 cables.

Not that I don't like cables but working so many on such tiny needels(zeros) and such fine yarn (fingering weight) got to be a real pain.  

I think my real prejudice against this pair of socks is that I lost THREE of my precious rare wood size 0 double pointed needles.

Here's how they came out:

Not bad for something I didn't like doing?

The yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn which I think is a new line for them.

The pattern is called Two Roads, published by Nonsuch Knits and developed by Lynn Ann Banks.  There was one small error in the pattern we were given but it had little impact on the final product.  Heck, it had so little impact on me that I knitted it the correct way without even noticing the error

I am glad this knit is over and that I can now go onto a new installment.  The current pattern is knitted from the toes up, has a nifty little wrap and turn heel (my first one is pretty ugly :-() and a couple of very nice lacy inserts.

Until I get those, or any of my other WIPs, done... happy knitting!

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