Saturday, September 4, 2010

Strip Club 08282010 - Update

I finally finished my ruffle quilt yesterday and it was truly a comedy of errors.

I intended to quilt with black thread but all I could find was heavy weight button hole twist.  Instead of waiting to buy some more black thread I decided to use what was on hand... YELLOW!

Then I quilted in a big pleat in the backing.  Instead of tearing out the quilting I decided to just add more fabric to the backing.

By adding more fabric to the backing I did not have enough plain black fabric for the the binding so I ended up using one of the prints for the bindng.

The upshot is that by the time it was finished I had a huge headache from all the black and white prints.

Here it is:

I think this one will end up in the tub with the rest of the dog bedding.

And, to end on a high note, here is feeding time at the zoo:

They go to these poistions to eat as soon as I call out 'DINNER'.

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