Monday, September 20, 2010

Mushroom Days

When the ground gets too wet to absorb any more moisture, mushrooms come up.

A least that's what the experts claim.

I grew up believing that mushrooms in the grass came from dog poop.

Around here the ground can get super saturated very quickly and the mushrooms come soon there after. 

Anyway, I proved to myself that the dog poop theory is somewhat wrong when these sweet little mushrooms appeared in a large flower pot outside.

Then I went on a mushroom hunt in the yard and did not find any other cute mushrooms but I did find this aged one.

Ewwwww!  That looks like some old guys butt.

On walks with the dogs I have found a lot that are scattered through various  yards.  They tend to be clumped together and contain more than one type.

I have not tried to eat any of them because, despite evidence to the contrary, I still believe that at least some of them come from dog poop.

Prove me wrong.

Have a great week!


heather fish said...

And they might be poisonous! We get mushrooms growing in our yard too after it has rained a lot.

Anonymous said...

When where you looking at an old guy's butt?